This year we will continue to support projects that advance new knowledge and its application to social work education and practice in three important areas:
  • The changing role and place of males in American society inclusive of race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.
  • The new poor: families affected by the recession and a widening income/wage gap.
  • Immigration: understanding and meeting the needs of diverse immigrant groups.
We will consider a limited number of projects that fall outside these areas.

Grants will be considered based on the recommendations of the FGP Review Committee. Evaluation of proposals includes:
  • professional review for research feasibility;
  • currency of the issues to be addressed; and
  • the utility and potential scope of the project findings.
Final selection is based on the proposal meeting the stated mission and objectives of the FGP and the qualifications of the investigator. Grants will be made for qualitative or quantitiative research that will produce end-products relevant to social service delivery and useful to social work education curricula. We expect grantees to produce one or more manuscripts of publishable quality in refereed professional journals and, in the case of pilot study projects, applications for larger grants. Grants are made on a competitive basis. Applicant must be full-time faculty at CSWE accredited MSW programs.

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